Waste-To-Value Centre is an innovation centre and start-up by Singapore & Finland based Juniasia & Sagacity Environment with key Finnish & Nordic partners since year 2019.

Waste-To-Value Centre is known as WVCENTRE .

WV Centre has further developed at Nordic Innovation House Singapore (NIH SG) as our key Nordic partner and patron enabling the best technologies and innovations in the clean tech, environmental cum waste industry space in the Nordics.These have been  introduced and offered to the Asia markets and cities for their development and improvements for their waste and environmental challenges  part of the circular economy and sustainability drive  that was needed in the region.

Asia – South East Asia, South Asia and other key regions are our key client and partner markets and cities to focus our activities and attention on; with Singapore as our headquarters at NIHSG.

Asia is uniquely different from the proven western success models from Nordics , Europe and Americas with a combination of developing countries, young population , fast growing economies and also a key focus on environmental sustainability and improved solutions for their waste management.

Asia is the region for the current times and our centre’s focus is with their challenges and needs as a good starting point for our centre and teams.

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