Founding Team - Head of the Centre, Marko Karkkainen with  Mohamed Kassim A R
have spent many years in Asia , Middle East and various parts of the world  understanding the needs and challenges of the various communities, cities developers, governments and companies with their waste management and environmental issues.


Policy development and policy impact is also included in this myriad of challenges faced by the various NGOS and communities in the Asian cities (both developed and developing cities).


Funding and financial support are key challenges faced by the stakeholders and governments with other regulators to manage their solution development and engaging the right expertise to solve their cities waste and environmental problems. Access to the funding groups and players is a key issue and next is due diligence with qualification for the criteria stage.

On the other side of the spectrum , there are many Green funding, support programmes and financial solutions which are seeking such real environmental projects and  cities trying to redesign their waste and environmental process to improve the lives of their people, create a clean sustainable environment for all.

Their challenge is to find the real suitable cases for the programmes and funding parties within the developing countries and communities which fits their programme and groups goals and criteria.

Proven Experience

With a combined experience of more than 50 years with our team and Asia cities experience, WV Centre has focussed on developing a centre for Waste-To-Value which can bring all the various stakeholders, funders, companies, technology innovators, policy developers , Research Universities under one umbrella platform to access and engage for their respective requirements.

We continue to engage and partner with key clean tech and environmental bodies like Plastic waste lobby groups, ocean cleaning body and more with aligned and mutual policy directions with our centre.

Centre Of Excellence

This includes a key centre of excellence for best practices and best in class solutions/policies guidance for key stakeholders and partners.
There is a need for accreditation , benchmarking of best practices and standards within the waste management and clean tech industry framework and for new participants from Asia with planned improvements & waste management blueprint, this is key to get the steps right from the start.


Today we have come far and despite the current pandemic, Covid -19 in Year 2020 and successfully  engaged with key Asian cities like Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and others.

Our Nordic clean tech and waste solutions from leading companies have been well received and in discussions by the Asean countries and stakeholders for their challenges with our guidance.
We have successfully completed a deep dive report into various waste management challenges and waste project opportunities within South East Asia for the Nordic Businesses and Cleantech/Waste Companies at the start of this year before the travel ban across the world from Covid-19.

Some of our partnered innovation technologies like Vetrospace from Finland with special Covid-19 solutions of anti-bacterial /virus pods for facilities and hospitals (within the space of bio-waste/hazardous linked waste) have been well received and in discussion for trial set-ups in Singapore and across Asia.

We are focussed on post Covid-19 planning and engaged with our Nordic companies and solutions for selected Asean and Asian cities with deep virtual discussions this Oct-Nov 2020.This will spearhead for the follow-up business and project follow-ups for Year 2021 with the gradual pandemic upturn for normal travel and activities.

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